Thursday, May 29, 2014

2013 Favorite Films

So another year has passed and part of the next one. A great part of my time is spent watching dark disturbing films. Below are some of my favorites from 2013. There were more, but I had to cut it off somewhere. Thanks to all the filmmakers for great year and 2014 is shaping up for another good year for horror.

Top 15 Favorite Features

The Conjuring - Director - James Wan
Antisocial - Director - Cody Callahan
We Are What We Are - Director - Jim Mickle
You're Next - Director - Adam Wingard
Silent Retreat - Director - Tricia Lee
American Mary - Directors - Jen and Sylvia Soska
Dark Skies - Director - Scott Stewart
Carrie - Director - Kimberly Pierce
Conjoined - Director - Joe Grisaffi
Jug Face - Director - Chad Crawford Kinkle
The Bay - Director - Barry Levinson
Krampus: The Christmas Devil - Director - Jason Hull
Evil Dead - Director - Fede Alvarez
World War Z - Director - Marc Forster
Mama - Director - Andres Muschietti

Top 5 Favorite Horror Comedies

The Haunted Trailer - Director - Chuck Norfolk
Hellbenders - Director - J.T. Petty
Hell Baby - Directors - Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon
Grabbers - Director - Jon Wright 
( I can't remember if I saw at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014 either way it could show up on 2014, because I am still watching it and loving it!)
A Haunted House - Director - Michael Tiddes

Top 10 Short Films

The Wretched - Director - Rick Greenwood, Jr.
Luna - Director - Antonio Perez
Ave Maria - Director - Skip Shea
Fondue - Director - Torin Langen 
Suckablood - Directors - Ben Tillit and Jake Cuddihy
The Devil Walks Among You - Directors by Ryan M. Andrews
Don't Move - Director - Anthony Melton
Legitimate - Director - Izzy Lee
The Meeting - Director - Karen Lam
Insomnia: Psychological Horror - Director - Nino Suderi 
Good Conduct - Director - Patrick Rea

Upcoming Films of 2014

Circus of the Dead - Saw it May 2, 2014 - Freaking Loved it.
Godzilla - Saw in May and didn't like it.

Occulus  - Saw it in May and it was just okay.
Deliver Us From Evil
The Sacrament
Truth or Dare
Fear Clinic
Pickaxe Murders Chapter III: The Final Chapter
Getting Schooled
The Quiet Ones
The Good Friend
House of Manson

Thank you for stopping by to read some of my favorites from 2013 and what I am looking forward to seeing in 2014.

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