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Available on VOD 1-7-14
Theaters 1-31-14

In the role of a Royal Marine, A.J. Budd, Joseph Morgan stars in this brutal psychological and supernatural thriller, in which he finds himself trapped in the Warhouse. Imprisoned, he forced to fight for his life against grotesque and inhuman opponents. He must kill everyday or die himself. His one glimpse of hope comes in the form of a diary, left by a former occupant of the house, WWI Lt. Edward Sterling played by Matt Ryan.

Directed by Luke Massey
Distributed by XLrator Media


Abandon everything you’ve ever believed about that brittle concept we call “reality” and prepare to enter a macabre netherworld of shadows, fiends and phantoms - a twisted realm of waking nightmares and warped minds, locked away in unrelenting torment.  Welcome to the Sanitarium.  Behind the walls of the Sanitarium, Dr. Stenson holds dominion over the inmates of a most unusual asylum. Horror Legend Robert Englund (Freddy vs. Jason, A Nightmare on Elm Street) also stars with John Glover (“Smallville”), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls) and Lou Diamond Phillips in three chilling tales of unspeakable terror that will drive you over the edge of reason – and beyond! 

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