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10 Crazy Char Questions with Jimmyo Burril

Jimmyo is a writer/actor/director and for those who are not familiar with his work, he is the writer/director behind the fun twisted series Chainsaw Sally, The Good Sisters two sisters living together in the suburbs with a secret, if gets out could rain trouble down on the house of Good. For this interview, I will not be asking what inspires Jimmyo or where he sees himself five years down the road, no I am more interested in what kind of toothpaste he uses and other crazy off the wall thoughts knocking around in my head. 

Horror colors are generally black and red. Tell me, what are your thoughts about the color orange?
JB: I love orange! Orange is one of my two favorite colors orange and green. I have a dream car of a black and orange Mustang Shelby.

The use of toothpaste is essential to a happy healthy mouth. What brand/flavor do you prefer? Gel or Paste?
JB: I use Crest white. I like the gel, but not a real toothpaste snob. I do wish I had a better smile though. I would rather be known for my smile than my sneer.

You were raised in the South, what three things do you miss most about living there?
JB: Mainly my friends from home and for some reason my allergies are better there than here. I'm not sure why. Also, I do not like snow season. Since I didn't grow up with it, I have no romantic memories of playing in it as a child. I used to wear cut-offs year round and I liked that.

What was the last song you heard on your car radio?
JB: I listen to Sirius Radio, mostly Howard Stern, but I think the last SONG I heard was "One Headlighty" by The Wallflowers. Lilli and I made comment of how much we liked the song, because it sounds hopeful. My feeling I get from the song is even when things are dark, and falling apart, you can make it through with a little love and support.

"Hey, come on try a little
Nothing is forever
There's got to be something better than
In the middle
But me & Cinderella
We put it all together
We can drive it home
With one headlight"

Man has a natural curiosity about outer space. NASA has sent many probes out in search of life on other planets. What are your thoughts on the possibility of life on other planets?
JB:  God, I hope so. I think there IS life, maybe not on our local planets, but in some other solar system, sure, I would think so. We can't be it...I think it's CRAZY to think in all of the Verse, we happen to be the only shit-heads around.

If you could see into the future and knew the exact time of your death, would you want to know?

Do you think Nuns are hot?
JB:  No, and I will tell you something about the Nun Fetish...I'm no Catholic...I'm not prudish...but the idea of slandering something like that...a choice that a woman has made for her it your shared belief or not, is rude and insulting. It is a smack in the face to any woman who has made such a commitment to her faith...for whatever her reasons may be. No...I don't think it's sexy...and no, I don't think it's nice. Don't fuck with other people's faith unless you've walked in their shoes.

What is a pet peeve when eating in a restaurant?
JB:  I don't have one. I'm a good tipper. I am never rude to waiters or waitresses. They are doing a shitty job...but they are working and have to pay their way. I figure someone is bringing me food or anything else...I should be grateful. 

Top or bottom?
JB: Well both of course. Variety is the spice of life. Top, Bottom, Side, upside down, hanging from a swing...but if you're asking for a favorite, I would say STANDING.

It’s the middle of the night and you awaken from a nightmare, what’s the first thing you reach for and why?
JB:  I would grab my i-Phone to see what time it is. Usually, I then get up and go downstairs to watch TV until I'm sleepy again. Sometimes, I get on Facebook and see who's up. I am then, usually, set upon by various critters.

Thank you Jimmyo for taking the time to answer 10 Crazy Char Questions. Great answers!  I have had the pleasure of speaking to Jimmyo and his gorgeous wife April on a separate occasions and they are a joy to interview. Our most recent talk can be heard on Charred Remains. For more information visit

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