Monday, December 30, 2013

43 Hard Working Women of Indie Horror 2013

A new year approaches and with it comes challenges for one and all. What about those ladies who are out there scouting for film sites, designing sets, memorizing lines, putting together wardrobe for actors, mixing up batches of blood, making guts, building a monster, writing an amazing script, promoting a novel, or how about directing her first feature film? Phew! That's a lot of hard work and on top of that some women of Indie Horror hold down full-time jobs in addition to their work in horror. 

This year, I wanted to do something different and not focus on picking one women who represents the genre. No, you won't find just one, but a whole list of 35 women who are working in their field of horror and inspiring and paving the way for women of tomorrow. To narrow it down to just one was impossible. Each woman is unique in what she does and the time put into marketing and networking in addition to interacting with fans on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and yes, even Myspace is truly amazing knowing their schedules are jammed packed with other activities. 

Jessica Cameron - Actress/Director
Jen and Sylvia Soska - Directors
Devanny Pinn - Actress/Producer/Writer 
Rebecca Torrellas - Actress/Producer 
Maria Olsen - actress
Karen Lam - Director of "Evangeline"
Shannon Lark - Actress/Co-writer/Co-Director of "I Am Monster"
Lori Bowen -Co-Director of "I Am Monster"
Maude Michaud - Director of "Dys"
Heidi Honeycutt - Writer
Nicole Andrea Guzman - Radio Show Host of The Phantom Zone 
Hannah Neurotica - WiHM Founder/Ax Wound Creator
Michelle Tomlinson - Actress/Producer/Director
Colleen Wanglund - Writer
Zoe Humphries - Artist/Illustrator/Podcaster Host of #451 Podcast w/Creep Creepersin
Danielle Harris - Actress/Director
Jennifer Blanc - Actress/Director
Kerry Droll - Producer/Radio Show Co-Host/
Tricia Lee  - Director
Rebekah Herzberg - Writer/Actress/Mom
Courtney Sandifer - Director/Producer/Production Designer
Alexis Iacono - Actress
Liane Langford - Actress, Writer/Producer/Radio Show Co-Host
Lia Scott-Price - Writer/Comic Book Writer/Publisher
Dawna Lee-Heising - Actress/Producer/Publicist
Jamie Page - Author
Izzy Lee - Filmmaker
Reyna Young/Miss Misery - Director/Writer/Producer
Beth Accomando - Writer/Blogger
Shiva Rodriguez - Special Effects/Editor
Cyndi Crotts - Actress
Tara Cardinal - Actress/Director/Author
Heather Dorff - Actress
Debbie Rochon - Actress/Writer/Producer
Tiffany Shepis - Actress

I have to cut it off somewhere. These are just some of the amazing women who are very active in Indie Horror whether they are acting, writing, directing or promoting I am blown away with what these ladies of Horror have done in 2013 and looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us in 2014. 

Help a lady out go to their IMDb/Facebook pages and give them a like. They do their best to entertain and inform horror fans...give a little love back. 

If anyone has someone they would like me to add to the list, contact me via the Charred Remains facebook page and Thank you Kristy for your comment and list of names. 

Kristy Jett left a comment on Charred Remains facebook page and I thought it was sweet and wanted to add it to the the list. She said, "Awesome list! Great additions would be Jessica Dwyer of Horrorhound Magazine, April Snellings, Liisa Ladoucer, and Monica Kuebler from Rue Morgue, Rebekah McKendry from Fangoria, Christine Hadden from Fascination with Fear, Andre Dumas from The Horror Digest, Heather Seebach from Viewer Discretion Advised just to name a few. They are absolutely some of the hardest working women in our community!"

Jimmy Hollywood suggested Debbie Rochon - Director/Actress
Keenan Powell suggested: PJ Woodside - Writer/Director
Claire "Fluff" Llewellyn - Writer/Director 


  1. Great stuff! Hope to soon see female horror score composers here as well. :)

  2. Where's Debbie Rochon on this list???

    1. Excellent choice Jimmy Hollywood, I will add her now. I didn't see much of Debbie this year, but I know that doesn't mean she wasn't working. Happy to add Debbie for you. Thanks for posting :)